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STEPS - SCFD Taskforce for Education Programs and Services

Organization Participation Study

STEPS asked SCFD staff to combine data submitted by all SCFD funded organizations relating to service of SCFD District schools. Click here to review the output report. 


A brief introduction

The Scientific and Cultural Collaborative (SCC) is a non-profit organization comprised of members of Tier II and Tier I funded by the SCFD. Tier III organizations may pay to opt-in for specific services.

Mission: The purpose of the SCC is to enhance scientific and cultural opportunities for the public through collaboration and synergy. The SCC members have worked together since 1994 by investing some of their SCFD awards into joint education and public awareness ventures; in essence, to “do things together that we could not do alone” in collaboration, regional service, and accessibility.

Tier I organizations are FULL members and Tier II organizations can choose to be a FULL member for a maximum of $15,000 or BASIC member for a maximum of $5,000. The two levels determine their level of participation: Full members are involved in all programs; Basic members have access to the Shared Database and the SCC Directory of Educational Activities. Payments to the SCC coincide with SCFD distribution payments three times per year.

Tier III organizations may pay for two SCC services: The Joint Database and the Directory of Educational Activities. Participation includes professional development and other shared activities for development, marketing, volunteer coordinators, visitor services, and education staff or representatives.

Meetings include updates on joint projects, professional development training, and networking with one another.

For More Information, Contact:
Charlotte D’Armond Talbert, Coordinator


Funded Programs
*All programs and funding are subject to approval by the SCFD Board.

The Directory of Educational Activities for Teachers and SchoolsThe Directory of Educational Activities for Teachers and Schools: Is an annual publication listing 200 education programs from the SCC culturals as a one-stop source for assemblies, field trips, professional teacher training and more. 15,000 copies are distributed to all public and private schools and homeschool associations in the SCFD.

To download an electronic copy of the directory click here.

SCC Alliance Project

The Alliance Project: Public schools in each of the seven counties are selected by application for a one-year residency that provides curriculum based programming at the teachers’ request. The SCC Coordinator works with a team of interdisciplinary teachers who suggest programs to supplement their curriculum. The unique nature of the Alliance Project allows teacher teams to request tailor-made workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and field trips. Buses, subs, evaluation tools, and study guides are provided to these schools.

The Joint Database: Open to non-profit cultural organizations statewide the Joint Database is maintained professionally by Target Resource Group. The cloud based service offers the opportunity to efficiently maintain organization’s contact information subscribers, single ticket buyers, volunteers, members and donors including four NCOA cleansings. Using a cloud system, organizations may request an exchange for mailings. Currently, over 1.4 million unique names are included as of July 2017 from culturals across the Front Range.

The Scientific and Cultural Collaborative education programs have been recognized by the national Arts Education Partnership and the CO Art Educators Association as model programs in collaboration. The SCC Joint Database was one of the first in the nation to provide multiple organizations of diverse missions the ability to maintain and exchange contact information. Service to the SCFD in areas of support, advocacy, and re-authorization endeavors remain at the core of the SCC. Please contact us for more information. or email